School Clubs.

Our Sports Coach Nikki offers some fun after school clubs for boys and girls in KS1 and KS2. During the first half of the spring term 2018 we will be running the following:

Sky Blues Football Training Monday KS2

Multiskills with Nikki Monday KS1

Coventry Sports Foundation Basketball Wednesday KS2

Coventry Sports Foundation Gym Club Wednesday KS2

Gymnastics with Miss Taylor Thursday KS1

All activities cost £1 per session and run till 4.15pm (except football 4.30pm). Please contact the school office to check availability and watch this space for details of any other clubs that may be introduced as we go through the year!



Mrs. Goodwin, our Learning Mentor, runs the club during lunchtimes on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with volunteers from all year groups helping with the digging, planting and tidying!

Our resident frogs have just been spawning and the children are very excited about how many babies will soon appear! Have a look at our photos....



And these pictures are from last year when we had lots of new growth!  







  "Mmmmmm... delicious strawberries! "









  "Look at what the club has planted!"